Jaytee Ojo Foundation


good day ladies and gentlemen. Well, we did it. We overcame all hurdles, hanging in there when times were tough. We all accomplished some astounding feats at the Jaytee Ojo Foundation Graduation. This is a major step in our journey here, one that should be recognized for its immense significance. It is not only an act of commitment but of pride. We all worked hard to get to this day, and our effort yielded good fruit.
Before I proceed, I will like to thank the man God used to set up this programme, Otunba Taiwo Ojo, or as we call him, Jaytee. I thanks Mummy Jaytee for her care and love. I must commend the VIP treatment my colleagues and I have experienced since the inception of Foundation program. We were lodged in conducive apartments, provided with 24-hour power supply, Data, and even our feeding was taken care of. This is not all, everything we needed to learn and provide services to clients were made available to all of us upon arrival. We were given high-performance laptops and internet access.
Let me get on with what I have to say. After all, the last thing you want to do is listen to an interminable speech. So, before we go, I’d like to share my experience with jaytee ojo foundation over the last 3 months. When I got accepted as a trainee, honestly, I was skeptical about what I stand to gain from the company. I was a under graduate but on getting into jaytee ojo foundation, I became acclimatized with the world of cl computing.
I learned python programming language and I learned frontend development, backend development, desktop application development and database management while solving real life problems. gained some hands-on development experience. Jaytee ojo foundation is a migrations lab, and since I joined them only a while ago, I have been privileged to be part of the jaytee ojo foundation programme. Jaytee Ojo Foundation has not only given us the opportunity to learn but also exposed us to the rigours and demands of industry-standard practices and how to deliver efficiently in a fast-paced engineering team.
Before I leave the stage, this graduation is not an end goal in itself; it is instead a part of the larger journey. We’ve already shown commitment to personal growth by making it to this ceremony today. Life is about growing, and being in this program gives each of us new opportunities to continue growing and to learn new skills that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. I would like to say a big thank you to my fellow graduands, to my tech family at Glimpse, to Otunba Taiwo Ojo, for making this experience a memorable one.

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