Jaytee Ojo Foundation

Graduation Ceremony

Obisesan Oluwafemi

My name is Obisesan Oluwafemi (Ph.D.). I am a Plant Breeder and geneticist. I have a passion for teaching, but more importantly, I love to learn new things and make myself better. My profession requires knowledge in data science and handling big data. Though I am skilled in the use of some other statistical software like statistical Analysis Software (SAS), Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), and R. I have been longing to learn Python for machine learning and handling databases especially Mysql. I came across this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by the JAYTEE OJO foundation through a relative and it has been more than I hoped for.

The last few months have been intense in lectures and personal learning. It has also been eventful thanks to the teaching style and group activities. I have been able to go beyond the rudiments to getting tasks done using python and working with Mysql. A fit a deemed impossible in within the duration of the training.

Thanks to the solid structure provided by the JayTee Ojo Foundation, I intend to garner more skills in the use of database and build my skill in Data Science on Python. I want to leverage on the community of seasoned engineers and the opportunity given to make the ‘impossible’ in my career and community ‘mean nothing’.


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