Jaytee Ojo Foundation

Graduation Ceremony

Awogbemi Bright Abimbola

My name is Awogbemi Bright Abimbola I’m an undergraduate, I only stay at home before I came across the Jaytee Ojo foundation python program, I don’t really know anything about programming.

My time with the foundation has been very awesome, have learned a lot of codes and how to do a lot of things and I have met new people and learned a lot of things, the foundation also makes it easier for us, they provide us with laptops, free accommodation generator, wifi even stipends, apart from the feeding allowance we receiving addition we were provided with a very competent tutor who normally takes his time to come down to our level.

I will be happy to continue learning, and I will be very happy to join the Alluvium university.


Celebrate with the JayTee Ojo Foundation Students