Jaytee Ojo Foundation

Graduation Ceremony

Adebisi Olatunji Samuel

I was a graduate searching for work and I’m doing laundry and dry cleaning service before I came across the JayTee Ojo foundation online because I don’t know much about programming language before I join the foundation. I wish to learn more and become a programmer.

I was so excited to have learned a lot of things and meet different people the foundation make things easy for me in term of free accommodation, WiFi e.t.c It has been a quite journey for my time have spent with the JayTee Ojo foundation

I really look forward to working with the JayTee Ojo foundation in nearest future to become a programmer.
I also look forward to improving my skill in different ways and to help many people around me to become python and software engineers in the future.


Celebrate with the JayTee Ojo Foundation Students