Jaytee Ojo Foundation


Olusola Abiodun

I am a consultant family physician working in one University Teaching Hospital in Southwest, Nigeria. I came to a point in my medical career where I became curious about the future of medical practice/care in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

Oluwatise Afolabi

II started my programming journey last year and tried to learn python language for a year without making much progress. Working with the jaytee Ojo foundation has allowed me to accelerate as well as see how Python translates to real-world applications

Babalola Lekan

I am an undergraduate, I am planning on studying mechatronics, before joining jayteeojo foundation i was interested in learning electrician so i studied it for like 8months before i stopped and i decided to learn programming since i was interested in it

Adeyemi Iyioluwa

I am a 17-year-old undergraduate from Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti state. I intend to study cyber security in the university but with the situation of country due to poor management and mismanagement of our general studies and the welfare of students by the government

Awodola Christianah

Before I joined JAYTEEOJO Foundation, I had a basic computer-based test examination training in preparation for my JAMB. So, when the ample opportunity came, I jumped at it to develop myself in the IT field

Adebisi Olatunji Samuel

I was a graduate searching for work and I’m doing laundry and dry cleaning service before I came across the JayTee Ojo foundation online because I don’t know much about programming language before I join the foundation. I wish to learn more and become a programmer.

Awogbemi Bright

My name is Awogbemi Bright Abimbola I’m an undergraduate, I only stay at home before i came across the jaytee foundation python program, I don’t really know anything about programming

Obisesan Oluwafemi

My name is Obisesan Oluwafemi (Ph.D.). I am a Plant Breeder and geneticist. I have a passion for teaching, but more importantly, I love to learn new things and make myself better

Nathaniel victor Oluwaseun

I have always looked out for opportunities to help my grow ,get my hand dirty with codes,and I have a chance to work on tech project -But the opportunities that mostly came were those that required certain level of experience