Jaytee Ojo Foundation

Graduation Ceremony

Olusola Abiodun

I am a consultant family physician working in one University Teaching Hospital in Southwest, Nigeria. I came to a point in my medical career where I became curious about the future of medical practice/care in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large. While searching for an answer to my curiosity I found out that the future indeed lies in Technology. The next day to the very day I found an answer to my curiosity, Mr. Taiwo Ojo’s mum came to see me in the hospital for her routine medical check-up and she told me about the JayTee Foundation Python program, which I hurriedly jumped at.

It has been a wonderful time of learning the python language with a great set of trainees like me who all came together to develop a future in the TEC world. I personally enjoy our tutor with his excellent teaching skills and also the environments (Glimpse Solution and Alluvium) are simply conducive to learning.

I am graciously looking forward to seeing myself working with other experts in TEC world in providing solutions to grey areas in medicine and adding an improvement in medical care delivery in Nigeria, Africa, and globally.


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